Friday, October 30, 2009

Bulletboys Welcome Return of Original Bassist Lonnie Vencent

Chavis Records and The Bulletboys announce the return of original Bulletboys bassist Lonnie Vencent to the band. Vencent's return reunites him with original vocalist Marq Torien. Also recently announced was the return of former guitarist Tony Marcus also formerly of XYZ, Arcade, and Vicious Delite. Chavis Records CEO had this to say about Vencent's return:

"We've been in negotiations with Lonnie and Tony to get them back in the band since May 09' and had hoped to solidify this lineup for the release of 10c Billionaire and the Rockfest tour. Unfortunately, we didn't make the cutoffs and had to go with what was available to us at the time good or bad."

The band have been in L.A. rehearsing for the second leg of their "Road to Nowhere" tour which includes a visit to 37 Main in Buford, Georgia on November 12th.

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